Freelancing vs Regular Jobs

Freelancing or Full-Time jobs, Which one is right for you ?

Freelancing or full-time jobs, which one is right for you? This question has crossed all of our minds at least once in our life. The topic is debatable, whether to freelance or work full-time. Its always the case that grass is greener on the other side of the road. Both the directions have their own pros and cons.

Its no secret that, future belongs to those who work with technology. Freelancing is a completely an unconventional and tech-based way of working for millennials. There is no doubt that a full-time worker will have some benefits which can never be enjoyed by a freelancer. For E.g. a full-time worker will learn the business over the time and grow with their organisation, get timely pay checks, always have a safety net provided through employee benefits, timely vacations etc.


But that doesn’t mean a freelancer cannot enjoy such benefits. A freelancer has the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and for any number of hours, whereas a full-time worker gets their freedom only on weekends. A freelancer doesn’t follow orders or waits for promotions whereas a full-time worker’s promotions is simply dependent on how well do their boss likes them. The list is endless. Let’s look at 4 focus points which answers the time ticking question of Freelancing vs Full time Job and more importantly which one is right for you?

  • Freedom

Its true that a freelancer, as the name contains too, is free to work as per his/her needs. A freelancer can work from a coffee shop to a Co-working space (which are coming to the markets these days to cater such needs of individuals). They don’t need to setup an expensive office just to entertain clients. They can just hire a coworking or shared office space for a day and finish their business without breaking the bank.

Whereas, a 9-5 employee will have to adhere the office hours and work from a specific office only which kinds of gets boring in few days, thus affecting our productivity. A freelancer can work from a new office every day which keeps their work interesting and improves their productivity. Afterall, if we are happy while working then we are happy overall.

  • Stability

Freelancing may not be the most stable option, after all the pay checks are completely dependent on the deliverables and success of the projects. While a 9-5 worker will get his/her salary on 1st of every month whether they delivered on projects or not.

But that’s not the real scenario, in fact when you freelance, you grow with your clientele and therefore resulting in regular Pay checks and better stability. It might be tough in the beginning, as is every job in the world, but as you gain experience and increase clientele, your stability increases too. And lets agree on one point, that your organisation can fire you whenever they want event for smallest of a mistake.

  • Flexibility

A Freelancer has all the time and flexibility in the world. In other worlds, you are your own boss. It you who gets to decide when to work and when to go for vacations. A 9-5 worker has to adhere to the office timings and if they don’t do that, they have to bear a pay cut from their salary. Don’t you think that’s barbaric? You might say that many organisations are offering flexible timing to their employees these days. But the truth is, it is just a way to fool their employees. For e.g. in reality, they will allow their employees to come late by half an hour but in exchange will expect them to work for 2 hours extra. So, where is the flexibility in that.

  • Limitless

There is no doubt that a fixed salary per month on the very first day of the month is very irrefutably reassuring, but a freelancer can have the prospect of earning as much as they can. Many surveys suggest that a freelancer earns more than that of a salaried person for the same time devoted by each of them. A job can be unpredictable in today’s world where recessions are coming in waves every year. But a freelancer will have to power to sustain during such recession due to the multiple and extensive clientele. In true words, for a freelancer, Sky is the Limit.

So, the bottom line of our blog is that yes, a freelancing job can be better than a regular job, if you are willing to dedicate yourself to it.

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