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Call Centre Seats in Gurgaon

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Call Center Seats in Gurgaon

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Nowadays Start-Ups, MNCs, and Foreign Companies try to take up small office space or call center seats for their night shift official activities (shifts for US & UK). There are various real estate service providers in Gurgaon who provide fully equipped call center facilities along with the added advantage of internet, computers, dialers including UPS Etc. according to your requirements on lease/rental or for sale. If you hire a place for 24 hours and still use the same for the night can be double expensive because of extra maintenance charges. You must go for a cost-effective solution to avail Call Centre Seats in Gurgaon at a place which is an easily accessible destination for outsourcing, hiring, transportation, and well connected with other places in Gurgaon. For new companies, Call center seats on lease or rent are the best idea as Investing in the commercial property can be a very tough job and it may spoil your operational budget. So, it is advisable to go for the cost-effective option i.e., hiring Call center seats in Gurgaon on rent or lease with flexible terms and conditions to operate domestic or international BPO, KPO or call center activities.

Various Features and amenities offered by the real estate service provider may include: 

flexible Call Center in Gurgaon

Call Center per month in Gurgaon

The amenities: adequate number of Workstations, Cabins, Conference room, Leased Line with backup, Power backup, IT support, Housekeeping Staff, Security Guard, cafeteria, reception with waiting for the lounge, etc.



Best Call Centre Seats in Gurgaon On Lease/ Rent With IT Setup

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